Foundations of Excellence

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🏆 Unleash Your Horse's Talent, Become a Better Rider, and Teach Things Right the First Time 

This series breaks down the proven training system anyone can use to go from chaos & mediocrity with their horses — to clear, compelling steps that unlock learning, confidence and success.

Foundations Of Excellence will walk you through the process of building a rock-solid base of core skills your horse needs, then rapidly advancing those skills from “foundation” to “finesse”.

As powerful as these exercises and strategies are, they are not a magic bullet and require diligent execution on your part.

So to help you implement this information correctly, each step in the series provides deep layers of context, demonstration, real-time teaching, and examples to learn from. 

We filmed part of this series with 2 amazing students (riding 4 different horses) who trained with us every day during our intensive summer horsemanship bootcamp. 

The course is comprised of our full-length training sessions, along with video summaries, and PDF articles. We designed this series to balance theory and practice, strip away the fluff, and help you take transformative action in the arena.

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Master the art of transitioning a horse from the "green" stage to higher levels of softness, control and finesse. Filmed with 2 students who each brought a trained horse and an unstarted colt to our summer horsemanship bootcamp.

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Immersive digital clinic experience with step-by-step instructions for each exercise.
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Foundations of Excellence

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